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12 great uses for stainless steel cups(1)

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More than just an eco-friendly plastic alternative

While stainless steel cups are an indestructible, eco-friendly and easy-to-clean alternative to glass or plastic cups, they are more than just a way to sip your favourite refreshment.

I thought we had all the uses figured out, but after asking the community what they use their Maps cups for, we quickly realised we had barely scratched the surface; the creativity of our customers is impressive.

Whether you're looking to organise your cupboards, tidy up your cupboards, clean up your arts and crafts with ease or just curious about how versatile and extensive these unbreakable little guys really are, you're likely to find some beautiful uses for them With this ultimate guide to the many uses of stainless steel cups, you can tackle the everyday worries you never seem to be able to solve.

12 Portion control

Have some fitness goals you want to achieve but find yourself finishing a bag of fries or popcorn without realising what's happening? Happens to the best of us.

A simple solution is to reduce the amount of food within reach; so instead of taking the whole bag of salty goodness to the couch, scoop a cup into a 20oz or 16oz stainless steel cup and chew it slowly.

stainless steel bottle

11 Pet food scoops

No one likes to put crumbs of dog food on their hands three times a day; bacteria can quickly build up on old plastic cups. Using the antibacterial and hygienic properties of durable stainless steel cups will prevent bacteria build-up, and the fact that they are shatterproof means you only need to use the same one for life.

Dogs on a diet? Maps steel cups are available in 10oz, 16oz and 20oz sizes for easy measuring to ensure your furry friend can reach his weight goal too.

10 Desktop Organiser

Tired of rummaging through your desk drawer or cupboard for loose pencils, paper clips or hiking buckles? Save time and hassle by organising them all into compact steel cups that are both practical and attractive.

09 Coin holder

There's a good chance you're too old for a coin jar but still need to collect all the loose change littering your shelves, drawers and pockets somewhere. Stainless steel cups are an ingenious solution to this common annoyance and are a simple solution to save money from change and quick access when you need to grab a few coins.


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