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12 great uses for stainless steel cups(2)

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08 Small seeder

Many growers come in cheap plastic containers that end up stored in bland clay pots that breeze lightly and easily fall over and crumble. Give your beloved herbs a permanent shatterproof home that is not only beautiful, but won't leak everywhere.

07 Cold water cups at work

While our stainless steel glass mugs are the perfect solution for coffee or tea at work, you must provide your body with good quality old-fashioned H20. while disposable paper and plastic cups are convenient, they create more waste than they are worth. Be proactive about hydration and reduce waste by bringing your own practical option of a cold water cup.

06 Arts and Crafts

Having a place to throw pencils, crayons and paintbrushes is an important part of crafts. (Ask my six year old.) That said, glasses or cups break easily and disposable cups are dirty and can cause unnecessary contamination. Choose stainless steel cups or mugs as an eco-friendly, easy to clean, shatterproof, reusable option that can also be used to trace perfect circles. They are also dishwasher safe, making cleaning a breeze.

05 Tidy up your bathroom

The applications for organising your bathroom with stainless steel cups are endless; they can be used as toothbrush holders, shaving cups, to store random little arrangements, the list goes on and on. We've even had a few customers write in to say they use the mugs to clean and store their retainers or dentures!

stainless steel bottle

04 Events and fundraising activities

If you're hosting a fundraiser, work event or any other party that requires gifts that people actually use and won't throw away immediately, we offer custom laser engraving on stainless steel glasses, water bottles and mugs. Have your child's high school mascot or work logo forever imprinted on the glass, mug or stainless steel bottle, which will also last a lifetime.

03 No-bake desserts

The best desserts are those that require minimal effort; put the ingredients in a mug and throw them in the fridge. Stainless steel cups are an easy-to-clean option for no-bake desserts such as cheesecake cups, Snickers cupcakes and Oreo mud pudding.

02 Actual baking

Conversely, stainless steel cups are very handy when it comes to baking. They can be used to keep measured ingredients that have not yet been added to the mixture, to store leftover frosting and to cut perfectly shaped biscuits. The best part? When you're done, you can throw them straight into the dishwasher.

01 Sponges or bottle brush holders

Leaving a sponge on the kitchen counter is not only unsightly but also damages the sealant at the corner of the counter - leaving a bottle brush holder in the sink is not exactly ideal either. Organize your kitchen and tidy things up by using stainless steel cups to store them.

As you can clearly see, using stainless steel cups goes way beyond durable drink holders - this article barely scratches the surface of their versatility and ability to reduce plastic waste. Got any suggestions that we missed? Let us know in the comments!


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