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3 ways to tell it's time for a new tumbler

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If you're already drinking from a nice glass, you can completely ignore this - knowing that you're already the best possessor!

Although, I guess you probably know someone who could really use an upgrade. If they're still drinking out of a worn travel mugand it looks badly worn, it might just be a hint that you need to nudge your spouse/neighbour/parent in the right direction!

Think they need to be more convincing to get on board with the trend?

Here are 3 compelling reasons why you should buy a new non-reverse.

3. your old believer looks shabby

It's likely that you have an old, worn-out travel glass in the back of your kitchen cupboard and you use it from time to time.

Or maybe your significant other was so attached to that old coffee mug back in college that you cringe every time someone sees them still drinking coffee ......

Either way, it's time to get real. I know there's more to life than keeping up appearances, but what does your drinkware say about you? Are you projecting a rough around the edges image or are you proudly put together, sharp and clean?

If your glasses are dented, scratched, outdated or look like they come from a different era, it's time to freshen up your modern look.


2. You're struggling with old technology

You might say that your old faithful nonchalant can still get the job done. But have you experienced the new technology in your drinkware these days?

If your coffee doesn't stay hot for hours, it's time to reconsider the insulating power of your current mug. Or maybe your water, juice or protein shake might get hot in the car as you drive to work? Those days of lukewarm drinks are officially over and your drinkware technology is catching up!

You need the latest and greatest in high-tech drinkware so you can enjoy a fresh, tasty drink right down to the last drop. And then when you're done, you'll want to throw it in the dishwasher for easy clean-up.

1. You don't know what you're missing

If you haven't experienced the pleasure of sipping perfectly from a well-designed mug, then there's only so much I can really say in words. True perfection must be experienced to be believed.

I know you're probably used to the liquid dripping down your chin when you drink from a plain old travel mug, and you've let its smooth surface slip from your hand and hit the floor more than once.

While you may have accepted these annoying inconveniences as "just part of drinking coffee on the go", this is no longer the case. The ultimate in comfort, convenience and practicality are the criteria for a high-quality travel mug.


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