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5 of the best leak-proof soup containers

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When you need some heart-warming comfort food, soup is likely to be your first choice. There's something about soup that makes you feel warm from the inside out. It's almost impossible to explain, but what we do know is that when it's cold outside or you're feeling blue, you simply can't resist the appeal of a good soup.

There are so many ways to make soup - from thick and creamy to thin and brothy and everything in between. You can make so many different flavours and varieties of soup. You can mix and match ingredients, or just toss in whatever sounds good at the moment. You can't go wrong with soup.

Soup often makes more sense than a meal. It's imperative that you have the right storage utensils on hand so your soup doesn't leak all over the place.

In this guide we'll look at 5 of the best leak-proof soup containers, providing you with effective solutions that can suit any preference and budget point to ensure you can store your leftover soup without worrying about spills!

Stay tuned to find out the best solutions for leak-proof soup storage and much more.

The ultimate guide to storing soup

Soups are easy to make in bulk and store a few spares. You can throw simple ingredients into a pot and enjoy the soup for a few days, or even throw some into the fridge to enjoy later. One of the best things about soup is that a little goes a long way.

There are so many types of soup. Soups can have a wide variety of vegetables and meats as well as other things. You can make soup any way you want to make it. You can use as many ingredients as you choose, or you can follow a recipe. It's entirely up to you!

1. Rubbermaid Brilliance 2108390 Containers – 24 Pack

Rubbermaid Brilliance 2108390 Containers

Rubbermaid is a trusted brand in the plastics industry and this line of dishes is perhaps one of the best options they have ever offered.

They are a bit on the expensive side for reusable plastic dishes but they are well worth every penny for a high-quality storage container.

This particular package comes with a variety of sizes to make a 24-piece set. You get large containers, single-serve containers, and a couple of sizes in between so you should be set. You can also choose other package options at varying prices.

These containers are made with sturdy plastic and enhanced with a seal around the lid that seals tightly into place. The lids lock on with snapping arms to stay in place until you release them.

2. FineDine Glass Storage Containers – 24 Pack

FineDine Glass Storage Containers

These glass dishes are another high-quality storage container. These dishes can serve your purposes from storage to reheating and are even safe in the oven, much like a glass casserole dish.

This assortment comes with 24 pieces as well and includes a variety of size options to meet your needs for any type of storage.

They stack well and include a seal around the lid as well as hinge locks that guarantee you will have no spills or leaks when you put these storage containers to the test.

These are the perfect solution for storing your soups leak-free. Everything is BPA-free and the glass is a sturdy borosilicate glass that will stand up to the test of storage needs.

3. OXO Good Grips 4-Cup Container

 OXO Good Grips 4

OXO is a well-known kitchen brand that provides quality kitchen dishes and utensils for reasonable prices.

This glass dish is another great find from them that won’t disappoint you.

The only downside here is you don’t get a set but rather have to purchase individual dishes.

These glass storage containers are leak-proof and work quite well for soup storage. Each dish has an airtight seal around the lid to prevent leaks. Each dish also closes with four locking tabs to keep your contents where they’re supposed to be.

4. Fullstar Storage Containers – 4 Pack

Fullstar Storage Containers

If you’re not worried about name brand and simply want a reliable and trustworthy dish that won’t leak when you store your soups in it, this is a great find.

These dishes are quite inexpensive but equipped with all of the essentials to prevent leaks.

These plastic lids are 30-ounce dishes that come in a pack of 5. However, you can choose other size options if you prefer as well.

The lids are strong and durable with locking clasps and an airtight seal to prevent leaks.

5. Bayco Glass Containers – 10 Pack

Bayco Glass Containers

This final option is a grand display of last but certainly not least. This 10-pack of storage dishes is well-made by Bayco.

All 10 containers are the same size but each dish holds between 2-3 cups of contents and up to 22 ounces.

These are glass containers that are with sturdy materials. Much like the others, these include a rubber ring for sealing as well as locking clasps that stay in place. The ring on these can actually be removed for cleaning purposes.


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