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Buying guide: How to choose an insulated water bottle

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Choose a water bottle with sufficient capacity for all your activities. If you really like a particular insulated bottle, consider buying two sizes - one for everyday use and another with a larger capacity for long journeys or travel. (If you know you'll be taking it with you, consider whether the bottle you choose can be used with a water filter or backpack pocket.)

Make sure the bottle you choose lists the time for the water (or other liquid) to cool. The standard is 24 hours, but we have noticed that in many of these bottles the contents will stay colder for longer. You will want to know how good the insulation is, especially if you live in a hotter climate.

Another decision you should make when choosing between bottles is which type of spout you want. Do you want it narrower for drinking, or wider to fit a water filter? Do you want the option of interchangeable caps? These are all things to consider.


What are the internal and external materials? Most thermoses use some form of stainless steel double-wall insulation, but not all. Also look at the material of the exterior: is there a powder coating? Will it reduce condensation? Is there a rubber grip or protective design on the base?

Once you've found a bottle that you think suits you, pick a fun colour while you're at it! Colour is mainly just a preference, but can also help to identify your bottle in a crowd.


Finally, think carefully about your budget. These bottles are an investment, but totally worth it, especially if (like us) you spend a lot of time outdoors. Make sure you check if your favourite bottles are on sale before you buy.

insulated water bottle

How long will an insulated water bottle last?

Thanks to the sturdy stainless steel or ceramic construction, a good insulated water bottle should last for many years - possibly decades for the careful owner.

The biggest threat to insulated water bottles is punctures. If a bottle's double or triple layer of insulation is punctured, it will lose its insulating ability. To prevent this, avoid dropping the bottle on a jagged or hard surface. Plastic insulated water bottles are less prone to dents and punctures, but they are usually less robust overall.

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