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Can the thermos cup be used to make tea?

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With the advent of winter, the thermos cup has become the standard equipment for national health. Drinking tea should be hot. Some tea lovers use a thermos cup to add some tea directly in their daily routines, and take a sip, which is warm and considerate. However, there are also rumors on the market such as "Heavy metals will be precipitated when making tea in a glass lined thermos", "Drinking often is equal to chronic suicide" and so on. Can the thermos direct drink flask be used to make tea directly?

Can the thermos cup be used to make tea?

First of all: it is definitely possible. The statement that "heavy metals will be precipitated when making tea in a thermos cup" has long been proved by some authoritative organizations to lack scientific basis. As long as it is a vacuum flask of qualified material, whether it is used for drinking water or making tea, it has no effect on health, and it is not an alarmist "chronic suicide".

Secondly: it is not necessary or the conditions are limited. It is recommended to use tea sets such as lid bowls, pots, glass (porcelain) cups, elegant cups, etc. The biggest drawback of making tea in a thermoflask water bottle is its adverse effects on the color, aroma and taste of the tea soup. Anyone with brewing experience knows that tea should not be soaked for a long time, especially the high temperature and stuffiness, which will easily cause the active substances and aromatic substances in the tea to be destroyed, the tea soup will be dark in color, the aroma will be lost, and the taste will be strong and bitter.

stainless steel bottle

Precautions for making tea in a thermos cup

1. Choose a thermos food flask with guaranteed quality. This is the prerequisite for healthy tea drinking and cannot be ignored. Before using the new product, it must be scalded several times with boiled water or detergent, and then disinfected at high temperature to kill bacteria. Before use, please preheat it with boiling water for 5-10 minutes to make the heat preservation effect better.

2. Put a little less tea. According to personal taste, there is no absolute standard for the amount of tea. In line with the tea-drinking guidelines that advocate "light drinking", the tea-water ratio can be about 1:120.

3. Avoid prolonged soaking. Even if you drink tea in a tureen or pot, it is generally recommended to drink it freshly. Similarly, when you go out and make tea with limited conditions, whether you make tea in a stainless steel vacuum flask or put the tea in a thermos cup after making it, it is still recommended not to steep or leave it for a long time.

4. The inside of the stainless steel cup sometimes has some red rust spots. You can soak it in warm water and diluted vinegar for 30 minutes, and then fully clean it. To prevent the generation of odors or stains, and can be used for long-term cleaning. After use, please wash it well and dry it sufficiently.


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