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Does the Material of Coffee Cup Affect the Flavor of Coffee?

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Naturally, we have various options to select a coffee cup, such as glass travel mug, personalized photo mugs and color changing mug. Most takeaway coffee is served in disposable cups. In the UK alone, 2.5 billion disposable cups are used every year. About 1.5 billion liters of water are needed to make them. Although many of these cups are recyclable, only 1 in 400 cups is correctly recycled.

Consumers all over the world are more aware of the environmental impact their consumption may have on the environment than ever before. Therefore, more and more consumers are turning to reusable coffee cups. When choosing a coffee cup, which material is better?

Although personal preferences are different, there are several key factors that can be used as a measure of a good coffee cup. Ideally, it should be lightweight, durable, and have a certain degree of thermal insulation. It is also important that it does not affect the taste of the coffee in the cup, because the coffee will penetrate the aftertaste into the material itself and even create a unique and undesirable taste.

Here, we compared four commonly used materials for making coffee cups-glass, stainless steel, reinforced plastic and ceramics to understand how each material affects the taste of a cup of coffee.


There are different kinds of glass cups such as personalized beer glass, custom beer glasses, double wall glass mug, glass reusable coffee cup and so on. If you choose a tempered heat-resistant glass, no matter how hot the coffee is, it will not burst. If it is a double-layer glass, even if it is filled with hot drinks, it will not be hot. Moreover, glass is generally easy to recycle.

Although glass cups will not affect the taste of coffee, they will not keep warm like ceramic cups. The temperature of the coffee will affect its taste. So, when drinking coffee, make sure the coffee is hot.

coffee cup

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is almost indestructible. Unlike glass, stainless steel retains heat well because metal is a natural conductor of heat and it is relatively easy to clean. Although it is also visually attractive, it is easy to imprint grease and fingerprints on the metal surface and affect the appearance.

Stainless steel also has a strong metallic taste, which will affect the taste of coffee. Although the smell cannot be washed off, it will gradually disappear with the passage of time. After a period of time, the stainless-steel material will become porous, which means that it will absorb some of the fat in the coffee, and the oxidation of the fat will produce a spoiled taste.

The acidity in coffee causes the slow decomposition of stainless steel and releases tiny particles of potentially toxic substances such as nickel. Although this is unlikely to cause major health problems for most people, it is still recommended that people only drink water in stainless steel cups.

Reinforced Plastic

Because plastics are cheap and easy to manufacture, reinforced heat-resistant plastics are often used to make coffee cups. Although plastic is not as strong as stainless steel, it can still hold hot coffee well. However, plastic cups are generally not as durable as cups made of other materials such as stainless steel. Moreover, plastics are notoriously harmful to the environment and are difficult to recycle in some areas. That’s why most people choose to use reusable cups such as personalized reusable coffee cup and reusable tumbler with straw.


Ceramic utensils are very popular because they are cheap, light in weight, and effective in heat preservation. They also do not affect the taste of the cup, which makes them an ideal material for coffee cups. Moreover, under normal circumstances, ceramic cups can be cleaned in a dishwasher.

In order to better enjoy coffee, you need suitable appliances, not only brewing appliances, but also cups for holding coffee. Among them, there are various materials to choose from. The first choice is still a sustainable coffee cup, which can maintain the temperature of the coffee well without destroying the taste of the coffee.


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