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How to Choose an Outdoor Water Cup?

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In summer, for each of us, hydration is very important. We should develop the habit of drinking water frequently, especially when traveling outdoors. Then how do you choose a cup that suits you for outdoor travel? This paper mainly introduces how to choose an outdoor water cup.

We all know that outdoor sports will consume a lot of physical energy, in order to reduce the burden, most water cups are made of lightweight plastic. If you want to choose a light and safe sports cup that suits you, you must master the selection skills of plastic sports cups.

How to pick material of water cups?

At present, there are all kinds of plastic drinking cups on the market, and the quality is also uneven. As we all know, the use of inferior drinking cups is very harmful to the body, but it does not mean that all plastics are harmful. Usually used to make plastic sports cups, there are No. 5 PP material, No. 7 PC material and Tritan material.

No. 5 PP plastic (polypropylene). This type of plastic has a heat resistance of up to 167°C and is the only plastic that can be put in a microwave oven. It is also a common food-grade plastic and is mostly used to make plastic drinking cups with lids and straws and microwave lunch boxes. The sports water bottle made of PP plastic can be used safely without harm to health.

No. 7 PC plastic is commonly found in reusable water bottles, space cups, and baby drinking cup. Department stores often use these water bottles with straw of the material as gifts. However, when the water cup of this material is heated, it is easy to release the toxic substance bisphenol A, which is harmful to the human body. Therefore, do not heat or expose to the sun when using this type of water cup.

Tritan material is also a kind of No. 7 plastic, but it does not have the harm of No. 7 plastic. It has good anti-drop performance, which is not easy to break, and is resistant to high temperatures. It will not release bisphenol A when boiling water is directly injected. The Tritan material is a new and safe plastic material.

water bottle

How to pick capacity of sports cups?

Sports water cups are used outdoors. If the capacity is too small, it cannot be fully replenished. If the capacity is too large, it will increase the burden. Therefore, it is important to choose the right capacity according to your needs. General sports water cups are divided into small capacity, normal capacity, large capacity and super large capacity.

Small capacity

The capacity is about 350ML. The height of this kind of plastic water bottles is generally about 180MM. It looks small and portable. It is usually only used for outdoor walks or some small exercises. It is not only easy to carry, but also has enough water.

Normal capacity

The capacity is about 500ML, and the height of the drinking cup with measurements is about 230MM. This is a common water cup capacity, relatively large capacity, it is relatively easy to carry, and can be placed in a backpack or bag. It is suitable for short-term cycling or fitness in the gym, and it is suitable for outdoor sprinting. At this time, the amount of water is also average.

Large capacity

The capacity of the water cup is about 1000ML, and the height is generally about 270MM. The water volume of this cup is very large, and it is not particularly convenient to carry, but it is indeed suitable for long-distance cycling, outdoor climbing, and hiking.


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