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How to Clean Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask?

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The stainless steel vacuum flask is not as easy to break as the personalized tumblers, so we often drink water with the stainless steel vacuum flask in our daily life. Some people even use it as a teaware set to make tea, but we do not pay special attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the vacuum flask. So how should the stainless steel vacuum flask be cleaned?

Stainless steel vacuum flask cleaning method

The cleaning problem of stainless steel vacuum flask is often overlooked by people. The surface looks relatively clean. If it is not cleaned frequently, it may contain a lot of bacteria. For example, the stainless steel vacuum flask that often drinks tea will definitely contain tea, and the tea stain contains cadmium , Lead, iron, arsenic, mercury and other metal substances, which seriously endanger our health.

The first cleaning of the thermos flask

To ensure the cleanliness of the thermos flask during the first use, add 1 to 2 drops of edible vinegar to warm water to dilute, pour it into the cup, leave it for 30 minutes with the lid open, and then clean it with a soft cloth. After using for a period of time, dissolve a spoonful of soda in warm water at intervals and pour it into the cup. Disinfect the cup with the lid open, and then wash the cup thoroughly with warm water.

vacuum flask

Stainless steel vacuum flask cleaning skills

1. Squeeze some toothpaste on the inner wall of the cup and rub it back and forth.

2. Scrub with broken egg shells.

3. Rub with a sponge dipped in salt to easily remove dirt.

4. Scrub potato skins, and brush it with toothpaste. Finally, rinse with clean water. The most important thing is that the safety of these cleaning agents can be assured. Unlike ordinary cleaning agents, which are synthesized from chemical substances, they have a good degreasing effect.

Tips: Do not cover the lid immediately after cleaning, and let it dry first to prevent the stainless steel vacuum flask from stinking.

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