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How to Effectively Clean the Tea Dirt in the Thermos Cup?

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Many people will drink boiled water in thermos bottles 500ml, but I don't recommend that you use thermos cups to make tea, except for those business men who like to drink hot water.

Can A Thermos Cup Hold Tea?

If you need to take tea when you go out, you can make tea in a teapot and wait until the water temperature drops before pouring into the steel thermos bottle, which can keep the tea warm and retain the taste of the tea to a certain extent.

How Long Can You Keep the Tea in the Thermos Cup?

Most of the vitamins in tea have been lost after being placed for a long time and the proteins in the tea soup will become the food for bacteria and mold reproduction. Although the tea placed in the vintage thermos flask can prevent bacterial contamination to a certain extent, the loss of nutrients will also cause damage to the taste of tea. Generally speaking, the longest time for tea in a thermos stainless king flask is one day.

Precautions for Drinking Tea with Thermos Cup

You can use a thermos 470ml flask to hold the tea but it's better to wait until the water temperature drops rather than when it's hot, because the nutrients in the tea are not suitable for soaking in high temperature for a long time.

After drinking, you should clean the thermos flask water bottle because the tea stored for a long time will accumulate tea dirt.

thermos flask

How to Effectively Clean the Tea Dirt in the Thermos Cup?

There are some harmful metals in the tea dirt, so the cup that has not been cleaned will harm our health. How can we effectively clean the tea dirt in the thermos super light flask?

Salt. You can first clean the mug with water and put salt on the place where there is tea stain. The tea stain can be dissolved by gently rubbing and the cup can be turned bright by washing it with water once, which is suitable for all containers that are difficult to clean.

Vinegar. You can pour some of the usual white vinegar in the best insulated thermos because tea stains are alkaline, which can be neutralized with acids. The specific operation method is to add appropriate amount of warm water and white vinegar into the cup and gently brush it with a soft brush after two hours. If there are some stubborn tea stains, you can pour a little hot water and continue to brush until the dirt completely disappears.

Toothpaste. Apply a small amount of toothpaste to the surface of the best flask for keeping drinks hot with a small amount of toothpaste. After standing for one minute, the tea dirt inside the cup will be easily cleaned.

Daily Maintenance of Thermos Cups

The cup should be washed with a brush instead of water.

You can't use metal ball or hard brush when cleaning the inner tank of copper thermos flasks, otherwise the surface of the tank will be damaged.

After cleaning, you'd better wipe it with a soft sponge to keep the tank dry.

Thermos cups have a life span of three to five years, so it's important to note that you shouldn't let the mug get hit or hurt. After being hit, the shell of the heat preservation cup and the vacuum layer will break, which will cause air to enter the interlayer.

The principle of the thermos stainless king flask is to draw out the air in the middle of the double stainless steel to achieve a certain degree of vacuum, which will make the heat of water transfer to the air as slowly as possible.


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