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How to Select and Wash Coffee Cups?

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Faced with all kinds of cups on the market, we often have no way to select. Is there any difference between coffee cups? Which cup should I use to drink which kind of coffee? In addition, should we wash our coffee cups regularly? According to the scientific study, usually there are bacteria in the coffee cups. So how to wash coffee cups is another tough nut to crack.

Therefor, here is a brief introduction of how to select and wash our coffee cups.

The Selection of Coffee Cups

When most people buy a cup, they often cannot distinguish the difference between a coffee cup and a black tea cup correctly. In order to diffuse the aroma of black tea and make it easier to appreciate the color of black tea, black tea cups usually have a lighter bottom, a wider mouth, and higher light transmittance, while coffee cups have a narrower mouth, a thicker material and low light transmittance.

Coffee cups generally have two types: pottery cups and porcelain cups. The cup maker has developed a pottery cup with thermal insulation effect. There are even better bone china cups than porcelain cups, which can make the temperature of the coffee in the cup drop slower. But because it is very expensive, it is rarely used by ordinary families, and can only be found in more sophisticated cafes. Coffee cups such as ecofriendly drinking cups, pure silver drinking cup, stainless steel travel coffee cup, printed reusable coffee cups, etc. are good choices. You can buy one suitable for you.

In addition, the color of the coffee cup is also very important. The coffee liquid is amber in color. And it is usually very clear. Therefore, in order to show this characteristic of coffee, it is best to use a white coffee cup. Some people ignore this problem in the production, and paint various colors on the inside of the coffee cup, or even depict the method of complicated fine patterns, which often makes it difficult for us to distinguish the completion of coffee brewing by the color of the coffee.

When buying a coffee cup, you can choose according to the type and drinking method of the coffee, as well as personal preferences and drinking occasions. Generally speaking, pottery cups are more suitable for deep-fried coffee with strong flavor, while porcelain cups are more suitable for coffee with lighter taste.

In addition, small coffee cups below 100cc are generally used to drink Italian coffee, while coffees with a higher milk ratio, such as lattes and French milk coffee, use mugs without cup holders. In terms of personal preference, in addition to judging the appearance of the cup, you must also pick it up to see if it is convenient and comfortable to use. The weight of the cup should be lighter, because a lighter cup has a denser texture. A dense texture means that the raw material particles of the cup are fine.

coffee cup

The Cleaning of Coffee Cups

As for the cleaning of coffee cups, because a coffee cup with a good texture has a tight surface and small pores, it is not easy to adhere to coffee stains. Therefore, after drinking the coffee, just rinse it with water immediately to keep the cup clean. Coffee cups that have been used for a long time or cannot be rinsed immediately after use will cause the coffee scale to adhere to the surface of the cup. At this time, the cup can be soaked in lemon juice to remove the coffee scale.

If the coffee stain cannot be completely removed at this time, you can use a neutral dishwashing agent. You should dip it on the sponge, wipe it gently, and finally rinse with water. In the coffee cup cleaning process, it is strictly forbidden to use hard brushes, strong acid and strong alkali cleaning agents in order to avoid scratches and damage to the surface of the coffee cup.


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