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How to choose the best food storage containers

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Food storage containers are something that most of us use on an almost daily basis. Whether it's stocking the fridge with last night's leftovers or taking a homemade salad to work, having the right container can make life easier - something I can always get behind.

To avoid filling your fridge with mismatched cooked food containers or reheating leftovers in plastic that may not be food safe, here are some storage tips to make your kitchen more organised, useful and streamlined.

Glass or plastic?

Glass containers. Glass containers have many advantages and disadvantages. It's what we use in our kitchen and I love that it allows me to store food directly in the container and reheat it safely. the OXO Smart Seal set is also completely leak-proof, so I always feel safe knowing I won't accidentally get soup on the floor or leak salad dressing onto one of the shelves in the fridge. The downside is obviously the weight - they are heavier than plastic - and the price, as they tend to be a more expensive option.

Plastic containers: All the benefits of glass aside, plastic has its time and place. When taking leftovers to work or travelling, this easier, lighter, less fragile option is certainly the best. snapware food storage sets are great because they snuggle easily into each other, are truly leak-proof and are made of food-safe plastic. I love that you can just write on them and label your leftovers so you can wipe off the writing and start again later.

food container

The shape and size is important!

While this may be more of a personal preference, considering the shape of your food storage containers is a worthwhile endeavour. I like round containers because, well, most of our containers are round, so it makes it easy to stack.

That said, I know many people prefer rectangular containers because they are easier to wedge into open spaces than round ones. You can play a game of Tetris and maximise your fridge and freezer space this way.

Also, for storing leftovers, I find it useful to have a set of containers in different sizes, from 1 cup (for leftover sauces or small dishes) to 8 cups (for soups and stews).

Consider longevity

Less expensive food containers tend to take on odours and decompose more quickly than high-quality glass or plastic containers.

So while there is a lot of appeal in the cheap disposable plastic containers sold in supermarkets, in the long run you will be thankful you invested in a slightly higher quality set of glass or plastic containers.


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