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Is it bad to drink from a metal water bottle(2)

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Stainless steel is not carbon neutral and it requires the use of a considerable amount of energy to be converted into a product. However, even though stainless steel requires energy to be converted into bottles, cups and flasks, it uses much less energy per use over the life of the bottle compared to disposable plastic bottles.

Thanks to their insulated design, if you accidentally leave a cold drink in a warm car for too long, the insulation will do its job and heat up the drink. But this takes a long time, so if you don't leave it in the heat for too long, you won't have a problem.

Try not to let your stainless steel bottles fall out as they can easily dent. This is not a bad thing for those who like their items to show how much they are loved, but if you like to keep your item in pristine condition you may want to be a little gentle with it.

metal water bottle

Why are metal bottles better than plastic bottles?

Plastic has been under the spotlight lately, and for good reason. in 2016, more plastic water bottles were consumed than sodas in the U.S. alone, and more than 1 million plastic bottles are used every minute worldwide. Yes, you heard that right. Not only do plastic bottles fill up landfills and dumps, they take many centuries to decompose. While many types of plastic can be easily recycled, it is a sad fact that only about 30% of plastic is recycled in the United States, and every piece of plastic that was ever created is still here and will be here for up to 450 years. Terrible stuff. That's why we're trying to change the way you enjoy your favourite drink by choosing fully recyclable stainless steel.

Now that you understand why metal water bottles are the best, check out our full range of stainless steel water bottles, the best way to enjoy your favourite drink - without the plastic.

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