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The impact of coffee mugs on material vs. plastic: ceramic vs. stainless steel

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When selecting a to-go coffee mug for sipping your favourite brew on the go, one of the most fundamental decisions you'll make is what material You want the tumbler made from. There are three main options: plastic, metal and ceramic. The material you choose will have an impact on the flavour of your coffee. Here's a look at how plastic, stainless steel and ceramic coffee cups affect the flavour of the brew.

(Taste is just one factor to consider when you are choosing a mug. However, this article will focus on taste only.)

Plastic absorbs flavour

Over time, plastic absorbs odours and flavours. To check how much a plastic cup absorbs, fill an old plastic cup with coffee and drink it. Then, wash the cup and put the tea in it. When you try the tea, you may notice that the coffee tastes and gives the tea an off-flavour. (For this reason, you may also not want a plastic French press.)

If you only drink coffee from the cup, the taste absorbed by the plastic will not be as pronounced as when you drink tea from the cup. However, over time, the flavour can become difficult, if not impossible, to identify the subtle aromatic notes of the coffee as the aroma builds up.

Stainless steel sometimes imparts flavour

Stainless steel does not absorb flavour, but can sometimes impart an off-flavour to coffee. Whether this happens because of poor construction (for example, the finish leaches into the drink) or because of a reaction between one of the more than 1,000 compounds in the coffee and the metal is not always clear. It doesn't always happen either. However, coffee drinkers sometimes report that metallic glass cups give their brew a strange flavour.

coffee mug

Ceramic is neutral

For flavour, ceramic is the best choice. It neither absorbs nor imparts flavour, giving the coffee just the right amount of flavour.

Double walls keep coffee hot

Whichever type of cup you choose, the double-walled ones will keep your coffee hotter for longer than the single-walled ones. This difference is particularly noticeable in winter when using stainless steel and ceramic mugs, which tend to lose heat. (Ceramic does keep coffee hotter than glass, but we haven't seen anyone use glass for travel mugs anyway.)

As coffee changes as it cools, keeping it as warm as possible for as long as possible will allow you to enjoy all the wonderful notes in the brew.

You can find double-walled versions of plastic, metal and ceramic mugs, but you may need to look around to find one you like.

Have a favourite mug?

Do you have a favourite coffee mug? What is it made of? What does it look like? Send us a picture on the website~


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