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The popular trend of 2023 vacuum flask!

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In recent years, as young people have begun to hold a vacuum flask, the types of vacuum flasks we see on the market have become more and more abundant. While pursuing quality, people have higher and higher requirements for the shape preference of the thermos flask, and they like different types of vacuum flasks such as customized models and trendy elements cooperation joint models.

From the perspective of vacuum flask brands, there are many Japanese brands at the top of the list, such as Thermos, Tiger, and Zojirushi. Observing the main vacuum flask series of these brands, we can see that the shape of the vacuum flask is mostly designed with a bounce lid. . The design of the pop-up lid does not fully conform to the drinking habits of people in our country, because the hot water poured into the cup is too hot to drink directly when it is ready to drink.

vacuum flask

This involves the drinking habits of different countries. Japanese people don't have much habit of drinking hot water. They need more cold water cups that can be operated with one hand. But for people in our country, we are accustomed to drinking hot water, and what is poured into a thermos is usually boiled hot water. With the insulation effect of a high-quality thermos, the water temperature is hot for several hours. Yes, and cannot drink water immediately. The domestic thermos cups, especially those seen on the shelves in supermarkets, have a high proportion of design with drinking lids.

In addition to its basic function, a good thermal insulation cup has better insulation effect, the sense of use is also very important. From the appearance to the convenience of drinking and filling, the easy-to-use vacuum flask will greatly increase the frequency of drinking water. We all know that thermos mugs rely on a vacuum insulation layer for heat preservation. Good thermos mug material, airtightness and heat preservation and cold preservation effect are closely related. Major brands of thermos mugs have their own unique professional production technology and are also following people’s new needs continue to innovate, such as the real-time temperature display on the lid of the hot thermos cup, and the smart thermos cup that communicates with the mobile phone and reminds you to drink water.

Big-brand products have their own differentiated competitiveness from quality technology to overall quality control. As the proportion of young consumers' consumption of vacuum flasks increases, vacuum flask companies are paying more and more attention to the overall fashion of vacuum flasks, and the comprehensive strength of the brand is also moving better in the process of innovation.

While pursuing performance and quality optimization, the thermos cup brand also needs to take into account user habits and humanized design, so that the temperature of the water can reach the temperature of the heart. Because even a small vacuum flask can become a carrier of ingenuity and make extraordinary achievements.


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