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The types of coffee cups

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Generally, in order to retain the strong fragrance of coffee and reduce evaporation, the narrow mouth and thick body of coffee cups should be selected. As for the black tea cup, we need to choose the one with wider mouth, high transmittance to reflect the clear color of tea. We classify the coffee cups in terms of their capacity and material.


Small coffee cup with less than 100 ml: mostly used to hold hot Italian coffee or single coffee. For example, only about 50 ml of espewso can be drunk almost in one mouthful, but the lingering mellow aftertaste and the seemingly warm temperature can best keep the mood and stomach warm. The cappuccino with milk foam has a slightly larger capacity than Espewsso, and a wide cup can show a rich and beautiful bubble. Generally, drinking Italian coffee is used below 100 ml of small coffee cup.

About 200 ml of general coffee cup: we often choose this cup to drink light American coffee, because it has enough space and can be self-made and can be added milk essence and sugar. Also, it is used to drink coffee with high proportion of milk, such as latte, French milk coffee.

More than 300 ml mug or French Au Lait special milk coffee cup: coffee with a large amount of milk, such as latte and American coffee, can contain sweet and diverse taste by using more mugs. The romantic French, on the other hand, are used to a large bowl of milk coffee (café Au Lait), rendering the cheerfulness of the morning. French often choose the Of course, most people often choose custom mugs, because it can help people feel the better taste of coffee.

Be careful: when choose the cup, you should not only look at the appearance of the cup shape, but also take a look at the convenience. As far as the weight of the cup is concerned, it is better to choose the lighter one, because the lighter cup has a denser texture. Dense texture means that the raw material particles of the cup are fine. The surface of the cup is compact and the pores are small so that it is not easy to make the coffee dirt adhere to the cup surface. The cup is ready, while a best coffee maker is also essential. The French press which is one of the commercial coffee machines, is a good choice.

coffee cup


Pottery: the pottery is simple and mellow. However, some people like to use the strong porcelain cup for coffee.

Porcelain: Bone China made of high-grade porcelain clay mixed with animal bone powder. It is light in texture, soft in color, high in density (fragile and easy to clean), and high in heat preservation, which can best retain the temperature of coffee and can just work like a thermos flask. However, due to its high price, it is seldom used by families, and can only be found in the coffee shops where people pay more attention to it. for those who do not particular about it, they may drink coffee with glass coffee cups.

When choosing a coffee cup, you can choose according to the type and drinking method of coffee, as well as personal preferences and drinking occasions. Generally speaking, pottery cup is more suitable for deep fried coffee with strong taste, while porcelain cup is suitable for light coffee. If there are not enough cups for you to choose from, you can choose custom coffee mugs.

Be careful:

Coffee should be put in the right temperature cup, so it should be filled in a warm cup. Warming cup, although only a simple step, is an indispensable step to preserve the flavor of coffee. Just out of the oven boiling coffee, once poured into a cold cup, the temperature will suddenly drop; the flavor will be greatly reduced.


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