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Types of coffee beans

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There are four main types of coffee beans; Arabica, Robusta, Liberica, and Excelsa.


Arabica is the most coveted type of coffee bean. This coffee is sweeter, with a more delicate flavour and lower acidity. Brazilian Arabica coffee beans dominate the world market, followed by Colombia and Indonesia.

The Arabica coffee plant is very susceptible and requires constant care. The result is more expensive coffee beans, but deep coffee lovers are happy to spend the extra money to get a better tasting cup of coffee.


Robusta coffee beans have a particularly strong flavour. They are more common in countries such as Europe or the Middle East, where strong coffee is the norm. Due to its high caffeine content, the Robusta coffee plant is far more resistant to insects than the Arabica variety. This plant can also be grown in a variety of climates and altitudes. As a result, it is less expensive than Arabica coffee beans. Robusta is sometimes combined with Arabica to reduce costs. Many instant coffees use this variety. If you are just looking for caffeine, a cup of Robusta will do.


Liberica is a rare type, accounting for only 2% of world consumption. Compared to Arabica or Robusta, Liberica coffee beans have the lowest caffeine content.

During the 'coffee rust' of the late 19th century, Liberica plants survived longer than those of Arabica and Robusta, so Liberica became very popular. This led to a huge demand. Since then, demand has declined. It is still available, but more expensive.


Sometimes considered a subspecies of Liberica, Excelsa has an exhilarating taste and combines strong and sweet and sour flavours. It also has an intense aroma, just like Liberica. It is often blended with other varieties to create unique blends.

coffee bean

The best coffee beans for espresso.

The dark roasting process gives espresso beans a burnt, bitter flavour. However, espresso does not always need to be this way. There is no need to buy coffee beans packaged as espresso beans. You can make espresso from any bean.

Medium-roasted coffee beans produce a smooth, bittersweet flavour. A darker roast has a richer, more bitter flavour.

Whatever the colour of the beans, espresso has its strongest flavour after 1-2 weeks of roasting. Freshly roasted coffee beans produce the most prominent crema, without which an espresso would be just a black coffee.

Robusta can be a good, affordable choice as it produces more crema and a higher caffeine content.

The best coffee beans for French presses.

Any coffee can be used in a French press as long as it is ground correctly. The grind needs to be coarse and even. Too fine a grind will result in a watered down drink. If you want a good French press coffee, grind it yourself.

Most people prefer to brew a stronger, darker coffee in a French press pot. The French press method of brewing will reduce the bitterness. Darker roasted coffees with a high Arabica content are a good choice.

Our 05 Jupiter coffee beans are 100% Arabica with notes of orange, honey, chocolate and caramel.

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