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What is the best stainless steel mug for travel?

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As an intrepid explorer and star-filled global wanderer, I know you've probably experienced a lot of thirst during your adventures.

To fearlessly accompany you wherever you brave, you will need a seriously durable, spill-proof and vacuum-insulated travel mug or bottle that will keep pace with you on your journey.

Because this adrenaline-fueled drink will be your trusted companion, every day; your key selection criteria need to be more carefully considered when shopping for the best travel mug or water bottle for you.

While all the bells and whistles can be considered optional luxuries, reserve them in drink bottles and tumblers for occasional use only ...... We adventurers need more power in our travel bottles! We need vacuum-sealed, insulated mugs.

stainless steel bottle

We need vacuum-sealed, insulated lids that are leak and spill proof to ensure our liquids stay where they're supposed to be (and not just anywhere!) . We need double wall insulation to keep our water cold and our coffee hot. We need a mug or bottle with options that can be secured in our bag so we can enjoy a hands-free ride.

Whether your expedition is through uncharted territory in a distant, exotic land; or if the only mountain you have to conquer today is on your to-do list ....... You'll need some thirst-quenching fluids to keep your travel momentum going and keep a lively spring in your step.

Life rarely seems to slow down, so you'll want a mug that will keep your coffee hot, not just on the way to work. A mug that will keep your breakfast smoothie fresh and your water always cool and refreshing. We're talking about a mug that will keep you running errands during a busy day, a long day at the office, or even a weekend away at camp or a day at the beach.

That's where the HAC Stainless Steel Mug comes in. HAC is the perfect morning coffee companion, keeping your vital caffeine in the mug as you turn the corner in your car. Take a sip from the closeable sliding lid, then seal it up with one swift movement when you're back in the action again. Made from double-layered vacuum-insulated stainless steel, it will keep your drink hot or cold all day.

With optional accessories to upgrade your mug, such as the ergonomic Tumbler handle, you can take your mug to places you've never been before.

... Don't forget to grab a spare spill-proof mug lid in case your kitchen cupboard swallows a loose lid like mine often does!

When you're travelling further afield, you'll need a durable travel bottle that can take you up or on the road.


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