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Why our coffee cups have carrying handles

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If your busy days are punctuated by the energising kiss of caffeine like mine, listen up. Once you get your hands on the new HAC Steel coffee mug, you'll take your life to the next level!

At HAC, we've reinvented the stainless steel beverage industry, offering excellent insulation, durable materials and affordability in our sustainable beverage containers. But we recently decided to change the game with disposable paper coffee cups too!

Our new insulated coffee mug is truly one of a kind. It takes the shape of your favourite coffee shop takeaway cup ...... And then adds a bunch of features that Mermaid can't match ......

Ready to master your coffee experience forever? Here are 3 key reasons you'll want to try our new reusable coffee mug as soon as possible.

3. Built-in handle!

It wouldn't be the best coffee mug on the market without a convenient carrying handle The built-in top handle of our coffee mug allows the kettle to be used as a cup or as an easy to carry thermos to transport your piping hot beverage from one place to another.

We've all rushed around town with an armful of the stuff, clutching a paper coffee mug in one hand, awkwardly trying not to drop it, bump it, or accidentally pop the lid off ......

Luckily, those awkward days are behind us thanks to this new flip handle that allows you to carry your coffee with just one finger, if that's the only thing you have available!

The handle sits on top of the lid of the cup, so it's easy to grab from the car or inside your bag.

Don't forget that, like all the cups from the biggest coffee chains, they have a slim profile and fit perfectly in any cup holder!

coffee mug

2. It is 100% leak-proof and keeps your coffee hot

Perhaps most importantly, HAC's new coffee mug is vacuum sealed and fully insulated, featuring a 100% leak-proof top.

Take this reusable insulated mug to your favourite cafe and have the barista fill it with cappuccinos, frozen smoothies or double espresso ...... Then throw it in your bag and walk back to the office. Those flimsy paper cup 'takeaways' they give you will never be able to compete.

These stainless steel cups use the reality of thermodynamics to prevent your hot coffee from getting cold, or your iced coffee from getting hot. Insulated by a double-walled vacuum, it is virtually impossible for heat to escape or enter the cup without unscrewing the secure vacuum-sealed lid. When it's time to take a sip, simply pop open the easy-open mouthpiece lid and click it shut for transport.

The durability of its construction ensures that your coffee will not leak in your bag, in your car or on your lap.

Even the handle is made with longevity in mind - the hinges can be flipped open and clipped shut for years on end.

1. An eco-friendly coffee ritual

Did you know that the average American drinks 3 cups of coffee a day, adding up to 1,095 cups of coffee per person per year ...... That's a lot of disposable cups going into landfills! We hate waste and love our planet.

We hate waste and love our planet, so we created an antidote to disposable paper cups in coffee shops. Our new green steel coffee cups are reusable, made from eco-friendly materials and are incredibly durable and can be used over and over again in your coffee runs.

Each of the materials mentioned above, including the material used for the lid, are environmentally friendly, biodegradable or extremely durable.

You can wash your coffee mug time and time again without experiencing any loss of taste or durability.

As a result, you won't need to replace your coffee mug any time soon. Talk about value for money!


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