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Why the ear of the coffee cup be placed on the left hand position?

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If you like collecting fancy coffee cups, travel coffee cups, handleless coffee cups and other specialty coffee cups, have you noticed why the ear of the coffee cup must be placed on your left hand when the coffee is served? Do you know why? Let us look at the reasons together.

Different types of coffee

There are three main types of coffee in the market: British, Italian and American.

English coffee includes the drinking method of French coffee, which is more exquisite, from utensils to utensils to the origin of coffee beans and the methods of making them are very complicated. The simple classification is that the English coffee drinking method pays attention to utensils and etiquette, the Italian coffee pays attention to the taste and fancy of the coffee itself, and the American coffee requires convenience, speed and cheapness.

When drinking English coffee, you should gently place the coffee cup and saucer in the center of the guest’s position to the right, and place the ear of the coffee cup on the left hand position, so that the guest can hold the cup in the left hand and the sugar and spoon in the right hand. You can switch to your right hand when drinking coffee. When serving coffee, the coffee spoon must be on the outer edge of the right-hand side of the plate so that people can see that the coffee spoon is clean and shiny, without water fingerprints.

coffee cup

There are too many ways to drink espresso. First of all, the utensils are more casual and more artistic, and the form is also very open (this is very suitable for the Italian character) The most representative "ESPRESSO" is an Italian invention, a small, thick cup, one sip, Put a piece of candy in his mouth, hurriedly ran out the door chasing the beauty and whistling. In the coffee shop, the thick milk froth made by the pressure coffee machine is basically espresso coffee.

Italian coffee tastes similar to English coffee, but remember not to stir the garland and milk froth with a coffee spoon, it is not beautiful at all and the action is a bit dirty. In addition, no matter how you save, don't lick the coffee spoon clean! There should be a napkin or napkin on hand.

American coffee is very simple. Espresso with water, drip filter, outdoor moka pot, and packaged coffee brewed by the roadside, all can be attributed to American coffee. Life in the United States is relatively busy and stressful. Unlike people in Europe and the Middle East, who can enjoy life in a leisurely mood. This is reflected in drinking coffee, which is often a large pot of Drip Coffee Marker, which tastes particularly weak. In fact, all over the United States, coffee addicts can still taste their favorite coffee flavors as long as they find it.

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