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How to extend the life of your thermos

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The walls of my flask is dented?

Between the double walls of a stainless steel insulated flask, there is a vacuum insulation layer that helps to keep drinks cold or hot for several hours. If it is dented when it is accidentally dropped on the floor, the dent in the double wall can cause damage to the vacuum insulation. As a result, the insulation is reduced, making it impossible to repair. Be extra careful not to drop it over a longer period of use.

Do stainless steel products rust?

Many people wonder if, when a stainless steel flask rusts, it is because of the inferior material used in the flask. The truth is that the answer is no.

People may buy insulated flasks for their favourite refreshing drinks, but when a material like stainless steel comes into contact with soda or any highly acidic drink, the residue can leave rust inside the stainless steel flask due to the acidic chemical reaction of these drinks with the steel. It is best to thoroughly clean your decanter immediately after drinking.

Dairy products and perishable beverages should not be kept in flasks for long periods of time as carbonation or acidity changes may occur.

Milder drinks or purified water still need to be cleaned daily to prevent dirt and odours from building up in the flask. Wash gently with soapy water and dry the inside completely before screwing on the cap.

stainless steel bottle

Should I use hot water to fill the thermos to the top?

On the Relax box there will be information on the amount of water the carafe can hold. Do not pour water over the maximum line or to the top as boiling water can easily seep out and could accidentally scald you. Look carefully to improve the efficiency of the insulation. A larger volume will retain heat for longer than a smaller one. When handling hot boiling water, it is a good idea to leave a gap between the cap and the water.

Will my drink in the thermos get cold in the fridge?

Insulated water bottles keep drinks cold for a long time because of the double-walled vacuum insulation between the inner and outer walls. The concept applied to cold drinks will stop heat entering your thermos, but the vacuum insulation will stop the fridge from cooling your drink. Making it very impractical to cool your drink at a slower rate.

What about the fridge?

Don't keep your thermos in the fridge as when liquids freeze they expand and put extra pressure on the metal of the thermos, causing it to warp or break. Once the vacuum insulation has filled with air, the insulated product will no longer be able to keep the temperature hot or cold for long.

Putting in ice cubes is more practical as it keeps cold drinks colder for longer.

Features for extra protection for your stainless steel bottle

There are many types of stainless steel bottles on the market, but how can you get one that is durable enough not to stop working after a few months?

Extra details, such as a TPE silicon base, help to minimise slipping and sliding to avoid accidentally denting the flask.

A water bottle or bottle sleeve as a sleeve carrier for the flask will prevent most accidental drops and stop the flask from denting and scratching.


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